Las Vegas

Las Vegas, located in the state of Nevada, is a primary tourist destination due to its entertainment, gaming, fashion, dining, shopping and nightlife. Vegas is equally famous for its trade shows attracting visitors from numerous industries from all over the world throughout the year. Nicknamed “Sin City”, Las Vegas offers the perfect blend of business and pleasure.


Located in the Southwest region of the United States, Arizona is the 6th largest state. Phoenix is the state’s capital and largest city. Since Arizona borders New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California and Mexico, it’s the perfect destination when planning a multi-day excursion to it’s neighboring states.

While Southern Arizona is known for its dry desert-like climate, Northern Arizona is quite the opposite. In Northern Arizona, expect lush pine forests, spruce trees and mountain ranges. You can even hit the slopes when visiting popular ski resorts in Alpine, Flagstaff and Tucson.